Sharing a prayer

Dear Editor,
I am a citizen in the Bloomfield Twp community. The shootings at the Oxford High School have disturbed me greatly. I have lost a child of teenage years to murder many years ago and this horrific event brings me such pain for your community.
I am a person of deep faith and my prayers have been focused on the families and citizens of your small community.
There is a prayer I have been saying since the death of my daughter and where there is nothing can take the away the pain of that day the words in this prayer give me a sense of peace!
Below are the words to this beautiful prayer and if you feel that it may bring some peace to your community I would appreciate your sharing it with the fine community of Oxford.
Thank you for allowing me to share this poem with you.
Sincerely and with continued prayers
Sandra Mastromatteo
HOPE is reaching out for God
And knowing He is there,
Hope is searching for release,
And finding it through prayer…

HOPE is happiness and joy,
And rainbows in the sky…..
Hope is feeling God is near
When you begin to cry…..

HOPE is looking for a dream
That someday will come true;
Hope is waiting on the Lord,
When your days are sad and blue…

HOPE is wishing for a star
That will bring you peace and light;
Hope is striving for God’s love
To uphold you day and night!

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