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 Oxford High School sophomore Sierra Musial qualified for the upcoming MHSAA Division 1 Ski State Championship at Schuss Mountain on Feb. 27. Musial was one of three racers from the combined team of Holly/Oxford to qualify during the MHSAA Division 1 Ski Region 2 competition at Mount Holly, Feb. 13.
Musial and Finley DeCubber qualified for both the Slalom and Giant Slalom races for the girls team after finishing in the top 15. Musial finished in seventh place in the Giant Slalom, 47.95; and in 13th place in the Slalom, 62.92. DeCubber finished in seventh place with a total time of 60.99 after her two flights in the Slalom. She finished 11th in the Giant Slalom in the time of 48.6.
The Holly/Oxford Girls Ski team finished in fourth place overall with a total of 135, with 65 from the Slalom race and 70 from the Giant Slalom.
For the Slalom race, Molly Rees finished in 21st place with a combined time of 66.61; Olivia Irvine, 24th, Nadia Drobnich, 51st, 88.45; and Sophia Tobias, 52nd, 89.90.
For the Giant Slalom, Irvine finished in 25th place with a combined time of 51.05; Rees, 27th, 52.30; Drobnich, 58th, 58.65; and Tobias, 62nd, 65.44.
The top three teams to qualify for the girls state finals were Clarkston in first place with 38; Bloomfield Hills, second, 86; and Rochester Adams, third, 112.
The Holly/Oxford Boys Ski team finished in eighth place overall with a total of 262, with 93.5 from the Slalom and 168.5 from the Giant Slalom. Eric Ranck qualified for the boys Slalom race with an eighth place finish, 56.07.
For the Slalom race, James Ferguson tied for 21st place with a total time of 60.38; Cody Musial, 25th, 60.56; Ethan Tillier, 39th, 64.90; Benjamin Kittle, 42nd, 65.67; and Ryan Tiell, 59th, 73.84.
For the Giant Slalom, C. Musial finished in 21st place with a combined time of 48.67; Ferguson, 41st, 50.55; Ranck, tied for 50th, 51.85; Tiell, 57th, 53.29; and Kittle, 73rd, 63.74.
The top three teams to qualify for the boys state finals were Fenton/Linden/Lake Fenton in first place with 51.5; Rochester Adams, second, 97; and Clarkston, third, 132. Wendy Reardon-Price

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