Staying active

By Amanda Wayne
Leader Student Contributor
The global pandemic has affected every one of us from babies to the elderly.
Since people can’t or don’t want to go to gyms, malls, waterparks and restaurants, they have to find new things to do to stay occupied. A new hobby can keep you sane; going for a jog on a trail gets you out of the house and keeps you active.
There are still many things to do during this pandemic which can keep you safe along with tickling your adventurous bone. Try going on a picnic in a park, or a walk on the Polly Ann Trail. You can set up a paint station for the community in a local park.
It’s unhealthy to stay in your home 24/7 because seasonal depression is a very common thing which can affect anyone, not just the one individual. Going outdoors with your family and close friends is an important part of someone’s everyday life. Go biking or take your pets for walks.
Getting enough sunlight is a benefit to your health and can generally just make someone feel better if they are feeling down. Even going out into nature to watch the sunset or sunrise, and doing something you love can help you achieve some happiness. Stay active and take care of that cabin fever we all have during this pandemic year.

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