Students turn hobby into unique business

Yard Card 4 U

By Teddy Rydquist
Leader Staff Writer
Displaying a sense of entrepreneurism and initiative well beyond their years, two Oxford students, Faith Diegel, a tenth grade high school student, and her brother, Luke, an eighth grader, turned what started out as a fun activity with their friends into a new business for themselves.
Called Yard Card 4 U, their new venture creates signs and banners for individuals and businesses for a variety of occasions. If you have driven past any of the schools in Oxford and Lake Orion over the last week, you may have noticed their “Welcome Back” signs affixed on the grounds.
“Originally, it was just something my friends and I were working at,” Faith said during an September 3 interview.
“We were like, ‘This is really cool,’ and it put a smile on our faces, and we started it out as something for fun. We bought a little bit of inventory and just started putting up stuff for fun, for our friends, for family.
“It really brought a smile to our faces and was a lot of fun for us to do, so, we decided to expand and create a business out of it. What we want to do is put a smile on other people’s faces, too.”
Launching this new venture in mid-August, the pair have already netted themselves ten paid jobs, but one of their favorite tasks was putting up the signs at local schools. They posted these at a total of 18 schools, doing so all in one day, nonetheless.
“It brought back a lot of memories of all the different schools I went to,” Luke said of the long day.

Faith and Luke Diegel

“We wanted to give back to the community because they’ve done a lot for us, too, from high school to middle school, all the way down to elementary school,” Faith added.
Among these paid assignments include birthday parties and on September 5, their signs played a key role in a marriage proposal, as well, which the man let the pair hide out of sight and watch.
“Usually, we put them up overnight, so people wake up to them on their birthdays,” Faith explained.
For children, seeing this in their yard on their birthday adds to an already special day and creates a lasting memory.
Faith and Luke handle most of the legwork, but their lovely mother, Jackie Ginste, has been instrumental in helping with the transition from playful hobby to business.
“She’s been a big help. Obviously, she drives us everywhere, but I can drive soon,” said Faith, who will turn 16-years-old in October.
“She pays for a lot of stuff, too, and we pay her back when we can and she helped us get our page started, we have Snapchat, Instagram, all that stuff, but we don’t know how to work Facebook, so, she helped us set up our page.”
The business’ Facebook page has found quick traction, featuring 280 likes, as of September 4. Their Instagram account can be located at @yardcard4u.
Word has spread quickly regarding Faith and Luke’s services, as they have had events in Detroit, Shelby Township, and Troy. If you are interested in employing one of the pair’s one-of-a-kind signs or banners for your next birthday, a holiday, such as Halloween or Thanksgiving, or just for fun, they can be reached at (248) 795-5250, in addition to the above social media platforms.

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