Supports HB 4236

Dear Oxford community,
As we near the end of our current pandemic crisis, we are still left with another environmental crisis that needs to be addressed. As a young girl, I spent my summers at my grandparents’ home on eastern Long Island, NY, jumping off a large rock just off shore. But over the years (60+ to be exact) I have watched the water levels increase, cresting over this rock at high tide and the shoreline where we would dig for clams has slowly disappeared.
The water levels are rising, the temperature of the oceans is rising, storms are more frequent and destructive. Scientists recommend that the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere be reduced to combat the rising temperature. As an individual, we can make a number of personal life style choices. And the government can help by promoting sustainable energy sources that people can access.
Currently in Michigan, there is a 1% cap that residents and commercial companies can generate thru solar energy. The MI legislature is currently considering HB 4236 “Clean and renewable energy and energy waste reduction Act” that would lift this cap. The benefits of solar energy are overwhelming. 1) It allows citizens to control where they get their energy 2) It promotes jobs in the green energy sector 3) Provides a safety net for when the local power goes out and 4) Reduces the stress on the current electrical grid. Most importantly, it reduces the amount of greenhouse gasses generated from fossil fuel energy plants.
I would like to urge people to contact their local state representative and senator and request their support for HB 4236 legislation.
Thank you,
Deb Simkowski, Oxford

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