Thank you!

 Dear Editor,

A big thank you to all of Addison Township residents who voted on Nov. 8 — all 3,677 of you! We had 72.17 % of registered voters cast their ballots. Great job Addison Voters!

It truly is an honor it is to serve the residents of Addison. I truly appreciate your kindness and your respect to the poll workers and the Clerk’s Office! I also thank all our election poll workers. It takes a team of dedicated poll workers to run a successful election. I thank you all for your dedication, support and hard work! Great job!

I also thank these local businesses: Subway, at the Chill box in Addison Township and Leonard Market — although the poll workers didn’t really get much of a break, they definitely needed the nourishment.

Lastly, I thank and words do not accurately express the appreciation for the dedicated team at the Clerk’s Office, with their professionalism, accuracy and a bit of daily humor, we are able to conduct successful elections for Addison’s voters.

Pauline Bennett,

Addison Township Clerk

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