Thank you for the birthday celebration

Dear Editor,
A warm and heartfelt Thank You to all of my dear friends and wonderful family who helped make my 90th birthday celebration an awesome and magical day!
A special thank you to Don Rush of The Oxford Leader for his terrific article covering my Special Day and the Oxford Police and Fire departments for their participation.
What a glorious day it was! The sun was shining, the sky was blue, such a perfect day to be together.
I will cherish the lovely celebration forever and a day!
Your Birthdays, dear are like a harp
Whose strings, like silken wings
Bring memories of melodies —
Of fond familiar things.
May future joys like golden noise
Resoound throughout your days,
and health be strong and wealth be long
and happiness always.
— Thomas Elwood.
My life has been a blessed and beautiful journey. “It’s a wonderful life! Who could ask for more?”
Love and blessings from above,
Clarla Sanderson,
Oxford Township

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