These kids want an expanded library

On the right Lotus LaCelle (age 7) and Mia Martin (age 10) sent The Leader the above “letter to the editor” regarding the proposed library expansion. Lotus’s mom, Kelsey Maniez LaCelle, sent us the photo and added this note, “Really sweet to see these kids want to have a voice when they can’t vote. Apologies, I don’t have a photo with their faces holding the paper but here’s them working on it yesterday! So proud of them.”

Dear Oxford Leader,
I’ve been going to the Oxford Public Library since I moved here (6yrs) and now I am 7 yrs old! I know the kids like me should be able to read more books and have space to do so. And some people don’t have resources to use. And I’ve got to 1,000 books before kindergarten. And I want to try new kinds of books. And I know that the library has different programs and not enough space to do those programs.
I used to be in a Lego robotics club and we did not have enough space to do my club, so I had to do it in the school and then the school had to handle all of the cleaning. And we need more computers because some parents don’t have computers to pay their bills and to teach their kids.
Also we need more toys because if parents were looking for books kids might be messing around with stuff. Also parents might not like kids to play with other kids they don’t know because parents might be scared of covid so they need a safe space. Please expand the library for me and my friends.
From, Lotus and Amelia.

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