Touched by Tate

The Wildcats won only one football game this season and I was heartbroken. Last year, when Tate was captain, they won many games. He had the leadership and charisma many 16-year-olds never have. He was a true leader but dedicated to his team: I watched his sidelines interview of October 29, 2021 and I was amazed at the wisdom of this young man. He died a hero defending his classmates at OHS. His words: We Trust, We Love, and we Build and we grind it out.

I found out about Tate on the internet and have seen all kinds of information about him as well as interviews with Buck Myre and his courageous family. I live in Northern, VA, three miles away from the Dulles International Airport and have a 16-year-old grandson at a Liberty High School in Leesburg, VA. There are people whom you meet during your life time that touch your very soul: TATE was one of that few for me. You never ever forget them. Neither will I.

His family is dedicated to (I have donated) to keep Tate’s legacy alive and to mentor kids who have issues. I hope all of Oxford can heal from this horrendous tragedy. I may live in Virginia but my heart and soul are with the Myre Family, the Shilling Family, the St. Juliana Family and the Baldwin Family. May God grant them peace and comfort.

Ed Corack

Ashburn, VA

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