Truck runs off Washington Street, takes out sign

By Danielle Smith

Leader Staff Writer

A 24-year-old Ortonville man is allegedly responsible for the destruction of property along Washington St. According to Oxford Police reports, on Friday, Nov 1. at 1:04 p.m., a black 2005 GMC Sierra pick-up truck was seen traveling south on N. Washington before running off the road and traveling through the front lawn of 59 N. Washington. From there, the vehicle continued heading south across the lawn, hitting a large boulder and relocating it to 57. N Washington, most recently the former location of the Philip B. Maxwell and Associates law firm.

According to reports, the vehicle then re-entered southbound lanes of N. Washington before making an abrupt U-turn, heading back toward 47 N. Washington. From there, the vehicle drove back through the lawns of 47 and 57 N. Washington, running over a fence, two light poles and a large advertising sign. The vehicle careened off of the porch at 57 N. Washington and ran over a tree before hitting the southeast side of the building, located at 59 N. Washington before coming to a stop.

Once officials arrived on scene, the driver was evaluated by fire/EMS personnel for any injuries and was cleared.

According to Oxford Police, the driver stated he had just gotten off of work and that he must have “blacked out,” prior to the crash. While drugs and alcohol did not appear to be a factor in the accident, police were informed by the suspect’s mother via phone that her son had a history of inhaling or “huffing” chemicals such as computer keyboard cleaner or other similar products.

When faced with this information, the driver admitted to police of huffing earlier in the day and agreed to a vehicle search. Upon searching the vehicle, officers found an empty can of computer cleaner, three full or partially full cans of computer cleaner as well as numerous plastic wrappers for computer cleaner.

The driver was cited for operating a vehicle while intoxicated (chemical substance), having an accident and reckless driving.


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