Vote ‘no’ on parks

Who does not remember the Blue Turf Fiasco? It was only a few years ago. The voters were asked to pay for artificial turf. The voters turned it down, not just once, but twice. I will not waste time on why blue turf was not needed. The important thing is that voters voted NO! TWICE! Certain people went ahead and pushed the turf down the throats of the voters. They financed the turf and then claimed their homes would be lost if others did not come forward and help them pay the bill. Members of the public not wanting to see anyone lose their home came forward with fund-raisers to pay for the turf.

Why is the Blue Turf Fiasco important today? According to the Wall Street Journal article dated Aug. 9, 2012, Ron Davis, Oxford’s Parks and Recreation director was one of those involved in the Blue Turf Fiasco.

Now to today: Twice the voters have been asked to pay for a community center and twice the voters voted it down. Oxford Township Parks and Recreation, in conjunction with the Township Board, have ignored the will of the voters and acted to convert a maintenance building into a community center. (Leader article page 5, December 16, 2015.) This means the maintenance building won’t be used for maintenance and we need a maintenance building, so plans are to pay for and build a new maintenance building. Of course the bills for heat and lights, etc., on the community center built against the will of the voters will also put a drain the Parks and Rec’s financial account. Is there anyone to whom it doesn’t seem that Parks and Recreation money is being shifted around in a shell game?

After ignoring the will of the voters, Oxford Parks and Recreation now has the tenacity to ask voters to approve a $2 million bond for alleged repair and parks improvements. I question, how much will be diverted to pet projects as well as are all the so-called maintenance and improvements needed? The answer is NO! Parks and Rec should first show they can handle money and spend according to the wishes of the voters by keeping equipment up instead of letting it go to the point that repair is a major expense. When looking at the list of so-called improvements, it appears that they would destroy the character of at least one of the parks as we know it. When voting, please remember the words to the song that goes “Take paradise and put up a parking lot.” If you do, you will vote NO!

Ron Meyer



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