Vote Republican this November

Dear Fellow Addison Township and Oxford Township citizens,
I remind you to Please Vote Now or on November 3! You can Vote In-Person at the Clerk’s office using an absentee ballot that you can obtain immediately.
Please vote for and Re-elect John Reilly our State Representative 46th District. John has always been available to speak to as his office hours at the local libraires in open forum meetings, easy to reach by email. He is the most transparent representative in the State legislature as he posts all his vote positions on-line with explanations. His opponent won’t be so transparent. He assures our tax dollars are spent wisely and to the befit of the whole. He has fought for constituents as unemployment woes continue. Opposes efforts to defund police and seeks to protect our most vulnerable community members. He made reform of the Michigan car insurance system a top priority, introduced legislation to keep more money in the classroom by allowing schools to purchase regulated lower cost energy. Introduced legislation to improve transparency of each voting ballot proposal cost.
Please vote for and elect Paul Junge to the US House Representatives 8th District. Paul will bring our country back to fiscal responsibility after the pandemic and mismanagement by the House. He is dedicated to support our families and a strong economy by opposing tax increases, stopping costly regulations, and cutting wasteful spending to move toward a balanced budget. He will Protect your work-related healthcare and seniors’ access to Medicare.
Please vote for and elect John James to the US Senate. John lived his life placing service before self with a proven record of battle-tested leadership in combat and as a job provider. He will focus his decisions on what’s best for Michigan and the Country. He is dedicated to support our families and a strong economy by opposing higher, job killing taxes, increase the research and development tax credit, expand small business’ tax credits, amortization, and depreciation schedules for investing and implementing technological innovations and improvements, and index capital gains taxes to the rate of inflation. He will assure pre-existing conditions to be covered and expand health insurance options that are affordable and increase access. Protect social security and Medicare and stop any attempts to raid and/or underfund the Social Security trust fund or cut our Senior Citizens’ benefits.
Ron Renaud
Addison Township

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