Vote Roop

Dear Editor,  When deciding on Oxford Township Treasurer, I urge you to vote for Anne Marie Roop.
In the past five years I have had the pleasure of knowing Anne both in friendship and business.
While working with Anne I have observed several qualities as she worked with the public. She is diligent  in her businesses, always going above and beyond, striving for the best in the given situation. Team sharing is also a constant action. Anne is always ready to listen to new ideas and concerns without a closed mind. She has a gift that makes everyone feel as an equal, their voices legitimate and their opinions count.
Anne tackles every situation head on and if needed educates herself on the current issue at hand. Never assuming she knows all the answers she seeks all information and makes a decision that is fair for everyone. I  have never seen her put her own selfish needs ahead of others. I feel Anne will work diligently, fairly and  with transparency to give  the residents and board the answers they need  to make the right  decisions when our hardworking tax dollars are at stake.
If undecided, I urge you to consider Anne for the position of Oxford Township Treasurer, and look forward to fresh ideas, endless dedication and always a smile.  
Pam Berari, 
Oxford Township

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