Voters, consider these things

I’d like to share with you some thoughts and ideas with the hope that I can entice you to take the few minutes to go and vote and give these people, that includes me, a silent scream that you had enough, and you will be heard!!!

The basis of my campaign, which got me started in running, has always been “Who Works For Who?”

I get sick and tired of politicians who talk down to me as if I was an idiot and made me feel like they were doing me some big favor representing me whether it be Detroit, Lansing, or Washington. I got to looking at the right side of my paycheck on a weekly basis and all that money that was going out that I could have used much better than they were using it, and they continue to ask for more. I got so angry that I said I’m going to do something about it and began to run for office. I have not been successful yet and that’s okay because I have learned a great deal and I will share this with you.

* Prioritize your reasons for voting. The number one reason is you, yourself. Look at how your life is, your wages, your surroundings, your home, your employment and future because these things have to work for you in order to function and prosper in the world.

* Remember your family and I mean this in all facets not just your immediate family but your parents, siblings, and grandchildren it goes on and on because, without a doubt, you want the best for them.

* Your safety and well-being, these anxieties of which there are many put a great deal of pressure on us and what is so unfortunate is because supposedly sane, educated people cannot sit in a room and collectively come up with a plan that will make their constituencies life better and more secure.

* LISTEN—STOP—AND LOGICALLY THINK ABOUT WHAT CANDIDATES ARE SAYING!!! Break it down word-for-word if you have to, question “does this make sense?”

* Your time is valuable, your vote is crucial, your life is of absolute importance, PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO VOTE FOR A BETTER LIFE!!!

* If you have young children or nieces and nephews, take them along with you. They will be impressed with you and there isn’t a better example you can set for them.

The bottom line – You, the voter, are about to hire someone to represent your life, your family, your future. Your vote is that powerful for you to decide who you want to put in that position and even if it doesn’t come out the way you hope who ever does take that position is, for all intents and purposes, your employee. We must keep this in mind in order to turn our government around, of the people, by the people, and for the people.

David J. Lillis

Candidate for State Rep. 46th District


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