Weekly COVID-19 update

This is our 74th week of reporting local COVID numbers. Our area saw an increase in recent and total cases and no additional COVID-related deaths.
According to numbers provided by the county, last week we reported there were a total of 2,886 cases from Leonard, west to Oxford. This week, 2,925. Recent cases, which “… are the positive confirmed cases within the last 30 days,” increased from 129 to 141. The population for our area is 30,892.
The 48367 ZIP saw an increase in total cases from last week to this — 383 cases to 385; recent cases increased from 11 to 12. The 48370 zip total cases increased from 155 last week, to 157 this week; new cases stayed 10. The 48371 ZIP recent cases are up from 108 to 119. Total cases went up from 2,348 last week to 2,383 this week. COVID deaths for the total area stayed at 36 — less than one percent of the area population and 1.5 percent of total area cases.
COVID-19 numbers are provided by the Oakland County COVID-19 by Zip Code website. Here are the numbers for this week. We tabulated these on Monday, September 6.
48367 — 12 new case in the last 30 days; 385 total, 11 deaths.
48370 — 10 new case in the last 30 days; 157 total, two deaths.
48371 — 119 new cases in the last 30 days; 2,383 total, 23 deaths.

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