Weekly COVID Update

In our 45th week of reporting local COVID numbers, our area saw two more deaths because of the virus. Since The Leader started reporting COVID-19 statistics on April 13, 2020, there have been 14 deaths.
According to numbers provided by the county, last week we reported there were a total of 1,274 cases from Leonard, west to Oxford; this week, 1,297 cases. Recent cases — “cases are the positive confirmed cases within the last 30 days” — decreased from 197 to 152. The population for our area is 30,892.
The 48371 ZIP saw the bulk of increases in a week, from 1,037 total cases to 1,055 cases; recent cases down from 173 to 134. The 48367 saw an increase in total cases from 167 to 171 this week; new cases down from 21 cases to 15. The 48370 ZIP recent cases stayed at 3; total cases increased one to 71.
COVID-19 numbers are provided by the Oakland County COVID-19 by Zip Code website. Here are the numbers for this week. We tabulated these on Sunday, Feb. 15.
48367 — 15 new cases in the last 30 days; 171 total, two deaths.
48370 — 3 new cases in the last 30 days; 70 total, two deaths.
48371 — 134 new cases in the last 30 days; 1,055 total, 10 deaths.

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