Welcome back, students! Bring your best

School Zone: A Column by Oxford Supt. Tim Throne

Every employee of Team O hopes that students and families alike had a great summer!

While some of you were lounging on the beach and perfecting your tans, there were many busy at work here this summer at OCS in anticipation of the students’ return on Sept. 6.

We made several improvements to our facilities and operations – both inside the buildings and outside.

Students will find new playground equipment at some of our buildings as well as repaired sidewalks, cement work and curbs.

We scrubbed the buildings from top to bottom, and we loaded up our schools with hundreds of new devices (Chromebooks, laptops, desktop computers and iPads).

We can’t wait to see what our creative and tech-savvy students will do in their classrooms with these new tools!

These devices play an important role in personalizing learning and maximizing student achievement.

All of our students enter our buildings at different levels and do not learn at the same rate or in the same way.

The common goal for all, however, is at least a year’s worth of growth in a year’s worth of time.

Watching the Olympics this summer reminded me of the second “B” in our winning game plan: become your best.

While Olympians are athletes of the highest caliber, they never stop training. They are constantly working to improve because they realize that one-tenth of a second might be the difference between securing a medal and not winning one at all.

Whether it’s your first time in school or your senior year, whether you’re a new employee or someone who has been here for 30 years (OHS auto instructor Dan Balsley), we must become our best if we want to win.

This year, we are going to emphasize the second B in our winning game plan.

The 4B winning game plan:

Bring your best. Work hard every day and in everything you do. Be sharp, show good judgment and use common sense.

Become your best. Never stop learning. Be reflective, as that is when learning takes place.

In order to become your best, you have to take care of yourself. Get rest, eat right, and make time to exercise.

Take care of your mind, body, and soul.

Find time every day to slow down, be quiet, and be thankful.

Be good. Be truthful, and be kind to one another. Most of the time, we have no idea what others are going through. Remember they are your teammates and classmates. Be nice to those around you; make them feel special.

Lastly, have a ball. Have fun and love those that you serve and those who serve you. Seasons come and go; life passes by very quickly. Make every day count. Laugh loudly and have fun with those around you.

At Oxford, we are blessed and fortunate to have incredible programs and people.

The schools belong to you, the students and the families of Oxford, and we are grateful for the opportunity to partner with you on this educational journey.

Welcome to a new school year!

Team Oxford is committed to becoming our best yet. Go Wildcats!


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