Wendy Sharpe Taggart, 71

Wendy Sharpe Taggart, 71, resident of Traverse City, passed away peacefully on August 20, 2022 in her home, surrounded by her loving family.  She was born on June 17, 1951.

Wendy Sharpe Taggart

Wendy led a vibrant, passionate life. Her family and friends will forever remember her radiant smile, welcoming spirit and constant desire to spend time with and bring all of her loved ones together. 

A lover of nature and animals, Wendy was an avid gardener and often lived in the company of furry friends. She embraced adventure and never turned down an opportunity to go camping, sailing or take a long hike through her neighborhood forest preserve. She even parachuted out of an airplane as a teenager, a rare undertaking for women at that time. In later years, Wendy enjoyed playing tennis and golf. She also took up painting and spent more time traveling.

Wendy adored music, singing and dancing. She had a beautiful voice and taught herself how to play the guitar and piano. Rarely was music not blasting loudly wherever Wendy went.

Wendy earned a Bachelor of Social Work from Memphis State University and a Master of Social Work from Wayne State University. Deeply devoted to children and families, Wendy’s professional career spanned midwifery (she supported 400+ births), social work, mental health counseling, advanced hypnotherapy and Ro-hun therapy. Entrepreneurially driven, Wendy launched three thriving businesses throughout her career, and was the director of Clubhouse Inspiration in Oxford Township. She authored “Mothering, Fathering the Conscious, Heart-Centered Way,” inspired by her spiritual path and years of professional experience. She was a certified yoga instructor. She was also studied in the healing properties of herbs and plants and was a fervent advocate of natural health practices.

Wendy was profoundly spiritual and began her quest as a young woman. She studied various forms of metaphysics and meditation, and followed the works of Edgar Cayce, Paramahansa Yogananda and the teachings of Jesus. She performed Native American Blessingways. She completed two vision quests in the Arizona desert and studied at the Delphi University of Spiritual Studies in Georgia. 

Wendy is survived by her husband Robert Gould; children, Jane (Chad) Nicholson, Meghan Taggart, Victor (Christina) Tucker, and Bryan (Ashley) Taggart; grandchildren, Ella, Addison, Caleb, Avery, Daniel, Violet, Meara and Lena; siblings, Georgia “Jan” Bringman; Vicci (Arthur) Salerno; Bonnilyn Winn; beloved gentle giant dog, Mikey, and many other loving family members and dear friends. Wendy is preceded in death by her parents, Airilyn (née Haag) and Victor Sharpe, and her husband and middle school sweetheart, Daniel Taggart.

Memorial services will be held at 1239 Peninsula Drive on September 4th, 2022 at 2p. In lieu of gifts or flowers, please consider a donation to the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy


Wendy Sharpe Taggart

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