Writing, being read and responded to

To some, I’m just a mild-mannered reporter-type. To my boys, I’m a stingy, skinflint, scrooge-like guy. To other’s, I’m a fast-graying dinosaur, that should be led out to pasture, making way for a new world without controversy.
Whereever I am in the grand scheme of the big poobah in the sky, master, creator thingy, at times I am at peace with myself. Especially when readers care enough to write.
You make me whole!
The following are comments from readers on two subject . . . moles in my yard and government types in local government. If you have comments, please send them along. Complete me.
* * *
On Moles . . .
‘Don, try raising your mower to its highest setting. A 1-1/2-inch blade of grass has a 1-1/2-inch root, while a 3-inch blade has a 3-inch root. Moles live in many lawns, but evidence of them is never seen because they don’t like to dig through roots (path of least resistance).
‘The shorter your roots, the closer they can travel to the surface, thus creating your visible mounds, which in turn force you to tribal dance. A 3-inch cut still looks great, feels better on the feet, and is better for your lawn. I used to work grounds at a golf course and for every mole issue we had in the rough, we would have four on the tees, fairways, or greens. Letting it grow a little will result in less mounds, less nasty pesticides having to be used, and less traps dotting your landscape. — Jeff A?
* * *
? Don, I just figured I would pass on this way to get rid of moles or voles that I have heard of, but have not yet tried… People who have tried it swear by it.
‘It’s Juicy Fruit gum torn in quarters and put inside active mole tunnels at night. The moles eat it because they love the taste of it, but cannot digest it, and it kills them.
If you live out in the boonies like me, it might take several packs of gum and several nights to find the real, active tunnels, but it should be productive. — Dawn S?
* * *
On Local Government and the role of the press . . .
‘Don, your question was, ‘What do you want???
‘I want a watchdog, a newspaper to ask the hard questions. The Clarkston News has been doing a great job reporting the facts about Al Roberts and the school administration.
‘The administration is either corrupt, sadly ignorant or woefully misinformed on how to educate children within a budget. Overwhelming the system by consistently operating over budget will cause the system to collapse. Cities, states, school districts, are bankrupt. Al Roberts states he is going forward with new programs in light of the inability to pay for existing programs.
‘The Board should close the administration building, fire the incompetent and make the principals accountable for the individual schools. If they cannot educate the children within the budget, find someone who can. Whoever contracted the Chicago firm for $18,000 should be fired immediately. — Margaret L?
* * *
‘Dear Mr. Rush. THANK YOU for taking a stand against Mr. Wagner and for our township. Your comments were wonderful and right on target. Regardless of his politics or even his personal behavior – he is not doing the job of SUPERVISING properly.
? . . . AND – thank you for pointing out that the other elected officials need also to reevaluate their own positions. We need YOU to stand up at one of those meetings and scold them all for their lack of ability to listen, compromise, and finally do what is best for our township. — Valerie H?
* * *
‘Don, Thank you for your column. Normally, I research both sides and make a decision from my own investigations with in-depth data to analyze. This time, I made the decision based on the condition of the roads versus the need for a township hall alone . . . I’m glad more people are getting involved and speaking up. I’m happy to see your column encouraging government to be accountable again and if their intent was legit, just be honest and say ‘we goofed.? — David K?
* * *
Now a bit of new business . . . people call your local representatives in Lansing about Senate Bill 1285, introduced by Bruce Patterson, R-Canton.
Bruce’s bill, dubbed the ‘Newspaper Death Act of 2010? would require customers to pay a deposit on each newspaper they purchase equal to one-half the retail price of the newspaper.
I can draw a couple of conclusions . . . Bruce has received some less than nice press and wants to squash it; he doesn’t understand the role of newspapers in America keeping government in check; or three, he just wants to raise revenue without raising taxes.
Hug your favorite newspaperman now, because we are a dying breed. Soon, you’ll be on your own with the government of your choosing.