Wyld Skye retail and processing approved

By Dean Vaglia
Leader Staff Writer
The Village of Oxford Planning Commission conditionally approved the site plan for Main Property Holdings, doing business as Wyld Skye Cannabis Co.
Wyld Skye brands itself as a holistic health company with offices in Bloomfield Hills and pending applications for businesses in Royal Oak and Waterford. While Wyld Skye itself does not appear to have any existing operations, Main Property Holdings’ registered agent Nick Issak is a founder of Rize, which has retail locations in Iron Mountain and Marquette. Wyld Skye owners operate a facility under a different brand name in Madison Heights.
The Oxford site, located at 650 S. Glaspie St. across the street from Lume Cannabis Co., will be a combined retail and processing location with a volume of about 32,300 square feet. 2,870 square feet will be dedicated to retail space, 4,100 square feet for processing and the remaining 25,330 square feet will be left empty for a potential future industrial manufacturing tenant. Wyld Skye is leasing the building with intentions to buy if it becomes available.
Conditions for full approval are that the odor control plan is completed and approved, the Oxford Village Police approves the security plan, the processing facility is prohibited from discharging greywater, several recommendations regarding parking capacity are addressed, modifying the landscaping plans, adopting comments from the fire chief and having the village engineer check the stormwater system.
While “processing facility” may conjure images of heavy industrial equipment extracting oils from flowers to make various THC and CBD products, Wyld Skye will not be doing such in Oxford.
“What we are doing is we buy product in bulk and it gets shipped to the processing facility,” Mike Bahoura, attorney for Wyld Skye, said. “We will repackage it, put it in our own branded bags and stuff … We do not have extraction equipment or anything.”
Wyld Skye does not plan on having a security guard to start, though will add one if the situation in Oxford requires one.
“I do not want [customers] to get the impression that they are entering a combat zone or something like that,” Bahoura said. “Oxford is a very safe neighborhood. The police department is close by.”
Bahoura, who is also the owner of cannabis company Pure Lapeer, LLC, mentioned a security guard was added to Pure’s New Baltimore location to direct traffic.

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