‘Yes’ for schools, parks

In writing this letter, I want to be clear that the comments within are my personal opinions based upon the experiences myself and my children have had in Oxford. In no way am I speaking on behalf of the Oxford school board, district, or its members/employees.

When I moved to Oxford with my family in 2008 and enrolled my remaining three children in Oxford schools, I only thought I knew what was in store for them, educationally, experientially, and socially. In the course of one short year, a whole new world was opened to each of my children, as well as my husband and I. That first year inspired me to seek a position on the Oxford Community School Board, where I have since served for seven years, because I wanted to be a part of a “community” that cared about all students, provided diverse programs of interest, and employed staff that truly cares.

As I reflect back over the years my children spent in Oxford and the experiences they’ve had, I am amazed. From participating on a State Championship wrestling team to a World Championship finalist robotics team, earning high school credit in middle school to earning college credit in high school, soccer to quiz bowl, leadership to teamwork, traditional classroom learning to online earning, well-taught core classes to classes of interest to students (Improv, Web Design, Engineering, Weight Lifting, Lifeguarding, etc.), and DECA to FIRST Robotics, Oxford has provided well-rounded opportunities in the arts, athletics, and academics. In addition, other Oxford students my children interacted with benefitted from the music, broadcasting, IB, Early College, BPA and HOSA programs, to name a few. Oxford darn near has it all.

All of these programs and courses were led by amazing teachers, coaches, and parents who worked together to equip any student choosing Oxford as their educational provider with knowledge, skills, and experiences that would jump start their future endeavors. The amazing thing is that opportunities like these exist K-12 in Oxford and are QUALITY programs!

So you may ask, “Why do you care if the millage passes, your children have graduated?” It goes back to why I ran for a position on the school board. “I wanted to be a part of a “community” that cared about all students, provided diverse programs of interest, and employed staff that truly cares.” You see, whether you’re a school board member, a taxpayer, a business owner, or a parent of school age children, you play a role in providing for the next generation. As a whole, we are Team Oxford and our provision of CONTINUED funding benefits us all. I will cast a YES vote for the millage renewal as a way of saying thank you for what my children gained and as a way to provide the same opportunities to the current and future students of Oxford Community Schools. I hope you will join me!

I will also cast a yes vote to support the Oxford Parks and Recreation request for funding. They too provide amazing experiences to students (and adults as well). We are blessed to live in Oxford.

Kim Shumaker



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