Your hero (me) and his health

So, a few weeks ago I went to my family doctor — Maria — who I actually went to high school with, and sometime between turning my head and coughing and getting probed, it was suggested I need to rethink what it is to live a healthy life.
Sometime after I made the crude comment to the effect, ‘too bad we didn’t get together like this in high school? and exiting her office, Maria told me, get this, I was ‘overweight.?
I know, this ‘shocking? news wasn’t really of the earth shattering, stop the presses variety. Until she threw in this stupid little word, ‘obese.?
Holy hold-the-mayo, Batgirl!
‘Don, you need to eat more fruit.?
‘Don, you need to eat more vegetables.?
‘Don, you need to drink more milk.?
‘Don, you need to walk or do something to get more active.?
‘Don, you need to drink less coffee and drink more water.?
‘Don, you need to take vitamin supplements.?
I don’t know about you folks, but aside from the suggestion to ‘rethink? healthy living, there seemed to be a lot of things Maria said that sounded like orders. My first order of business was not to ‘rethink? but rather to think at all about living healthily (is that a word?).
I am a good thinker. I can think with the best of them. I am less good at doing. The synapsis from brain to the rest of me — the parts of me that actually does things aside from thinking — must not be thoroughly grounded. The electric impulses from my brain, seem to get lost once they leave there. Knowing this I have taken a step in a new direction.
I am working on getting me some help. I need some coaching. I have contacted Gary Zirwes, of Independence Township. Gary has attended this newspaper’s networking group, Coffee Club, for about six months. I’ve listened to him, asked him questions . . .why, because in his own words, (he) ‘specializes in health and wellness to help people live longer, have more energy, eat right and lose weight. I do this by providing only certified organic food supplements grown from certified organic farms.?
In other words, he’s been talking about what my doctor told me I need to listen to. He’s like a Health & Wellness coach.
One of the things Gary has preached about is the importance of educating ourselves on what goes into our bodies and in particular the supplements (vitamins) we take. Were are they made (China)? Are they plant-based or engineered in a lab? Does the manufacturer outline whether or not the supplements contain heavy metals, pollutants or anything else that won’t help a person once ingested?
Gary promotes totally organic (plant-based) supplements for best health results. Says he, even if folks want to eat better, it is hard. Much of the fruits and vegetables we buy from the store (especially in the winter) are picked before the fruits have ripened, which means they lack essential nutrients.
‘Even the American Medical Association says it is prudent that every adult needs supplements,? he said.
Gary promotes supplements from Nutrilite because they are certified organic and verifiable.
As a health coach, Gary speaks from experience, both on a personal level and on personally helping others. ‘I lost 30 pounds myself and have kept it off since 1999. I have helped people who were 500 pounds. I enjoy helping people live healthy.?
Gary says he first finds out if folks are serious. Then he works on the specifics, tailoring a program for the individual.
‘If you need to lose weight, we’ll work on that. And, depending on your body we’ll come up with a program for you. Because, how you lose weight and how I lose weight are two different things,? he said.
The program involves teaching folks about their own body. To learn how to read the signals your body is sending. ‘Your body is the most sophisticated computer in the world. It can heal itself, fight off disease if given the chance. So, if you take care of the inside, it will automatically take care of the outside,? he said.
The 30-day program educates you to live the rest of your life — healthily (there’s that nonword again). It comes with books, CDs, journals and supplements.
I’ll let you know how it goes. If you don’t want to wait, and get coached-up with me, give Gary a call at 248-721-2256.