Car – bike accident downtown

No tickets were given and no serious injuries were reported after a car/bicycle accident this past Saturday.
According to a report written by Oxford Police Officer Gary Rouse, at about 4:30 Saturday afternoon, on S. Washington Street, an 11-year-old Rochester boy rode into a vehicle which was northbound. The vehicle was driven by a 27-year-old Lapeer woman.
According to the report, the woman was in the inside lane, and noticed another vehicle in front of her and to the right had, for some reason, stopped. She continued northward. The second car was stopped at the crosswalk letting the boy pedal across from the east to west.
The report indicates the Lapeer woman could not see the boy as he was blocked by the second vehicle. Witnesses stated the boy did not look before he rode past the one vehicle into the side of the other.
After he collided with the car, he fell to the street, but was able to move out of traffic. Oxford Fire Department responded to the accident and looked after the boy’s condition. Aside from a sore leg, there seemed to be no medical damage.
The report showed there was no damage to either the boy’s bike or the woman’s car. Incidentally, where the boy was crossing the street, is a painted crosswalk for pedestrians. The report stated there are no signs or lights marking this crosswalk.
— Don Rush

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