We thank you for your service

Dear Editor, Our message to the thousands of War on Terror heroes should be, “You did your duty and accomplished your mission. We thank you for your service and honor you as victors.” The fact there was never a repeat of Sept.11, 2001 is proof that our troops and their sacrifices won the war in […]

President Biden blames everyone but himself

Dear Editor, Twelve Marines and a Navy Corpsman died at the Kabul Airport because our nation’s top leadership – from the president to his entire top leadership team – failed them. “The buck stops with me,” President Joe Biden read from a teleprompter at his recent press conference. Then he blamed everyone else for his […]

In response to two letters to the editor

Dear Editor, I was going to send my response to you last week about the Jennifer Hart letter to the editor, but did not. I am glad that I did not because I want to add something more because of this last week’s issue. Letter writer Jay Taylor you are right on. I am sure […]

‘Unprofessional behavior must stop’

Dear Editor, Residents from Oxford, Lake Orion, Brandon Township, Troy, and other cities in Oakland County have been trying to get the attention of the County Board of Commissioners for nearly four months. They are looking for support to end medical discrimination in the county. Beginning in May, hundreds of residents have participated in Commission […]

Put in place a universal masking policy

Dear Editor, I don’t know about many of you, but we had high hopes for this upcoming school year. Numbers of COVID cases were down, and it seemed like there was a good chance that our children could have had a relatively stable school year. Unfortunately, that is not what is happening. This past month […]

Thank you residents of Oxford, Lakeville!

Dear Editor, My name is Mary Ann Hilton. My sister-in-law Kathy Diliberti and I were driving down Lakeville Rd. on Friday the 6th at around 3 p.m., from Rochester Rd. to M-24. A Ram 1500 going in the other direction as we passed Lake George Rd. made a quick turn into the side of my […]

Grab the kids and come to Centennial Park

Dear Editor, I want to encourage everyone to leave work early on Thursday, August 12, grab the kids and come to downtown Oxford by 4:30 p.m. for a night of fun, food and possibly funding! The Oxford Downtown Development Authority (DDA) partnered with Oxford Bank to create a fun, interactive family event that will benefit […]

50 citations to Lakeville Lake residents

Dear Editor, My neighbor, sweet Louise is 92 years young and a longtime resident of Lakeville Lake. She and I are just baffled why Addison Township has decided to issue over 50 criminal citations to Lakeville Lake residents for dock violations. Louise got a citation and has already appeared twice before the 52nd District Court. […]

Never too young

Never too young

Who says young people don’t like newspapers? This scrapping young lad, Quinn Cooke, 17-months-old, is clearly ahead of the curve on learning current events — and probably The Leader’s youngest reader. We predict good things for young Master Quinn. Thank you parents Justin and Kelsey Cooke of Oxford Village for sharing! — D. Rush

Remembering ‘Jackie’ Wassil

Dear Editor, I have noted with extreme sadness the passing of good friend, community activist, Village Council member, Council president, member of the planning commission and the first OCDA executive director, Jackie Wassil. (“First village president passed away,” published July 21.) One always understood what Jackie’s position was on any particular matter, she never minced […]

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