Why was single waste hauler proposal brought up again?

I read with interest the article in the Oxford Leader on Nov. 15, 2023 concerning the request for an RFP (Request for Proposal) for a single waste hauler for Oxford Township and it piques my interest of why this proposal has been brought back up after being shelved previously.
As a former businessman who prepared many RFPs, the push to eliminate small business participation out of the economy and disallow competitive pricing confuses and concerns me and makes me wonder as to what is pushing this matter forward.
The elimination of the competition by small business suggests to me of interference of enterprise by big money entities.
I believe this proposal, if passed, will definitely lead to higher prices to the citizens of Oxford Township.
If this proposal moves forward it leaves the Oxford Township board open to conjecture as to motives that they or someone may have already been influenced.
As to paying for an outside firm to prepare an RFP and then having a closed bid opening with no transparency smacks of malfeasance.

Frank L. Meade
Oxford Township

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