Community Shout-out!

Oxford Schools Our shout out isn’t to anyone specific it is to the entirety of Oxford Schools. Our district has worked tirelessly to have these kids in school, they have gone above and beyond and done an amazing job! We are thankful for every day that we get to go to school. I wish i […]

Election Day thank yous

Dear Residents of Addison Township, The past few weeks Addison Township, as well as all communities, were busy with the elections. There are numerous steps in the undertaking of an Election. Addison Township is very fortunate to have many of its residents step up to the plate to be an election inspector, during COVID-19 and […]

Has issues with alcohol in Centennial Park

Dear Editor, I read an article in The Oxford Leader on Sept. 16, 2020 about the plan to allow alcoholic beverages in open areas with the containers clearly marked with the business logo and the social district. I have no problem with this if there are restrictions on where these areas are located. I DO […]

Afternoon Sport

They shatter the afternoon in a daily pitch of high-powered gunfire here in rural Oxford, Michigan. The neighbors are spitting lead into the fields once seeded with feed-corn and alfalfa. Never mind the horse farms near-bye the golf course across the street never mind any consideration of residents or common sense. Someone famous wants to […]

Letters to the Editor

Calling out writer, Oxford Leader Dear Editor, I am writing to you to express my frustration and disappointment with your choice to publish the piece by Joe Wayda (Oct. 14). I understand that the letters are opinions, however you published a piece with no contrasting counterpart, and allowed Joe to blast out blatant falsehoods.This might […]

Vote Republican this November

Dear Fellow Addison Township and Oxford Township citizens, I remind you to Please Vote Now or on November 3! You can Vote In-Person at the Clerk’s office using an absentee ballot that you can obtain immediately. Please vote for and Re-elect John Reilly our State Representative 46th District. John has always been available to speak […]

Biden vs. Trump

Will you be voting for misery or prosperity on Election day? Biden says he will raise taxes. Trump wants to pass another tax cut. Biden will implement much more regulation on oil/gas industry resulting in much higher prices. Trump will continue to support oil/gas industry by fostering an environment of investment and exploration. Biden will […]

A call to get out and vote Republican for November 3 election

Dear Fellow Addison Township and Oxford Township citizens, Please Vote Now or on November 3rd! You can Vote In-Person at the Clerk’s office using an absentee ballot that you can obtain immediately. Please vote for and elect Joe Kent Oakland County Treasurer. Joe is our neighbor, lives in the community and does many volunteering roles. […]

Leader Question of the Week:

Since we got no traction with the last question, here’s a NEW Leader question of the week. Please respond. Question: “Are you voting by mail or in person, and why?” We had over 70 people respond — thank you! Here are some of the responses: Kevin Kadrich: In person. No particular reason other than it’s […]

Leader Question of The Week

Leader Question of The Week

On our Facebook page last week we asked readers, “Recently people protested in Lansing regarding mask rules for student athletes. What’s your take?” Thanks for participating! Here’s how you responded. Erica S D. They are outside, the variables on masks and how an individual body handles it during exercise and exertion is not something that […]