Thank you!

The North Oakland Community Coalition would like to say thank you to everyone who helped make our January 28 event, On the Safe Side, a success! We distributed 100 marijuana lockboxes to community members, aiding in our campaign to help make our community a safer and healthier place by reducing youth access to marijuana.

We would like to thank Fire Chief Matthew Majestic and the Oxford Fire Department for hosting us at Fire Station 1 for providing us with a central location for Oxford residents to pick up their lockboxes.

Thank you to Don Rush at the Oxford Leader, for his help in promoting our event with a wonderful article. Lastly, we thank all the Oxford residents who came to the event to pick up their marijuana lockboxes and help keep our community safe.

If you missed our On the Safe Side event and would like to receive a marijuana lockbox, please email to arrange a time to pick up your lockbox. You can also visit our website at to subscribe to our newsletter and stay up to date on all our trainings and events, including future On the Safe Side dates, community mental health trainings, and more!

Sam Anker

Communication Coordinator

North Oakland Community Coalition

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