Single hauler is the way

 I’d like to express my gratitude and excitement to the township board for their foresight and action

regarding a single trash hauler in Oxford. I didn’t think I could get this excited about garbage, but here I am and the benefits are almost too good to be true, to name a few:

1. Less clutter with only one garbage day and same bins for all.

2. Safer for kids and pedestrians with far less trucks.

3. Cleaner, better roads with less wear and tear, saving money on road repair and creating less of a

carbon footprint.

4. Almost certainly cheaper with greater economies of scale.

Personally, I can’t think of an easier, better improvement to our community that checks all the boxes: kids, aesthetics, environment and checkbook. Lake Orion did the same not long ago with a very successful result. So, thank you and good job to our local government (side note: Is it actually OK to agree and compliment the government these days? I guess I’ll take my chances). From a long-time resident and father living on a busy neighborhood street, I say single hauler is the way!

Larry Longcore,

Oxford Township

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