Against a single waste hauler for Oxford Twp. residents

As a resident of Oxford, I strongly disagree with Oxford Township Board of Trustees decision to begin the process of an RFP for a single waste hauler prior to having the proposal voted upon. That’s a prime example of “putting the cart before the horse.”
I do NOT agree with the township having a provider with exclusive rights. A five-year contract?
And, I believe having more than one provider gives us the opportunity to choose based upon our individual needs and wants. Secondly, market competition is better for the consumer.
Finally, you state that voters will have the final say. Then why did you state “The township board will decide whether or not to officially authorize the ballot question on May 8.”
Next item will be a single provider for cable and internet services! Keep your hands out of my cookie jar.

Dennis R. Mlynarek

Editor’s Note: The Oxford Township Board of Trustees approved a Request for Proposal (RFP) during its March 12 meeting to get bids from prospective single waste haulers for the township. On May 8, the board will consider a recommendation and ballot language from the township’s Single Waste Hauler Committee and decide whether or not to submit the language to the Oakland County Elections Division to be placed on the Nov. 5 General Election ballot for voters to decide if the township should switch to a single hauler. See “Oxford Twp. board approves RFP for single waste hauler” in the March 20 issue of The Oxford Leader for more information.

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