Oxford Township ‘oks’ new logo

Oxford High School Cole Dienes has designed Oxford Township’s new logo. Photo by C.J. Carnacchio Communications and Grants Manager

OHS Junior Dienes feels ‘great’ his art was selected

By Don Rush

Oxford High School junior Cole Dienes was all smiles last Wednesday night. That’s when he listened to the Oxford Township Board of Trustees approve his design for the township’s new logo. It will soon be used on everything from signage and letterhead to social media and ID badges.

It feels great,” Dienes said after the May 10 vote. “I was not expecting this when I first joined the graphic design class. It feels good that my community is allowing students’(ideas) to be incorporated. It’s nice to have a voice and be given this opportunity. It’s a feel-good moment.”

According to CJ Carnacchio, the township’s Communication and Grants Manager, the new logo is cheerful, hopeful, peaceful and welcoming – everything Oxford Township is and should continue to be. In presenting the logo to the board, Carnacchio explained the significance of each element. .

The lush green landscape and trees represent the township’s popular parks and the plethora of open spaces (such as farms and woodlands) that make up our picturesque countryside,” he said. “The water represents our community’s more than 30 named lakes (public and private) that provide residents and visitors with a variety of recreation opportunities, including boating, swimming, fishing, scuba diving and paddleboarding. The hot air balloons are a familiar and welcome sight in Oxford during the spring, summer and fall seasons. These colorful giants never fail to put smiles on faces. Folks love to watch and photograph them as they float gently and peacefully overhead.

The rising sun symbolizes the township’s bright future as people of all ages continue to move here and new businesses continue to open their doors. This is the place to make a fresh start, raise a family and enjoy your Golden Years. This is the place to nourish your entrepreneurial spirit and grow your business. This is the place to find and follow your bliss.”

Carnacchio thanked the board and OHS teachers Rebecca Ziemianski  and Savanna DiStefano’s classes for submitting both hand-drawn and digitally created logos for the township to consider.

Tapping into the vast reservoir of skills, talent and fresh ideas at OHS is always fun and exciting,” he said.

Oxford Township Supervisor Jack Curtis then moved, which was seconded by trustee Jon Nold, to approve the logo and compensate Dienes $250 for his work, to be paid from the township’s Public Relations account. All except Trustee Rod Charles voted in favor of the logo and payment, stating that while he had nothing against the new logo, he hoped the township would have sought more “input from the broader community.”



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