Local biz lends helping hand for project

I love doing crafts.

This summer I wanted to make a barn wood sign type coat rack for our nephew as a house warming gift.

I had the idea.  I had our old barn wood.  I have everything except  the skill to complete the project.  I could only get so far before I realized I needed help to complete this sign. I don’t know how to use a saw or any power tools.

I stopped by Beaver Stair Co., located at 549 Lakeville Rd. in Oxford, one morning because I thought, “They cut wood, right?” I needed the barn wood slants cut down to make the sign. Bob Carbone did not hesitate to help me out.  His men quickly cut the two pieces and I was on my way.

I was a step closer to completion when I again called on Bob to help out. I needed more help with framing out the sign and screwing on the coat rack hooks. Bob was quick to extend a helping hand. I know in this day and age, we seldom acknowledge our neighbors, let alone a stranger. Bob is old school – a reach-across-the-fence-type guy.  So, I just wanted to give a shout out – Thank you Beaver Stair for being an Oxford business that cares!

Terry Fritche


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