Royal Oak dominates OA United

Coming off two tough losses that ended in mercies, Oxford-Avondale United hockey was unable to catch a break against Royal Oak United on Dec. 1, taking a sour 9-1 loss.

The boys started out the game with aggressive offensive efforts and scored their only goal of the game near the end of the first period. The shot was made by senior and captain Ben Pratt. Freshman Brian Budde gave Pratt an assist for the team’s lone goal.

Starting the second period 4-1 in Royal Oak’s favor, the opposing team spent the rest of the game putting shot after shot on OA’s goal. The match ended with Royal Oak victorious and the score, 9-1, resulted in a mercy early in the third period.

Though OA wasn’t able to secure a win, Pratt gave a notable performance putting six shots on goal during the game. Senior goalie Aaron Angelo, as he did last week, made save after save to keep the game going as long as it did. He blocked 26 of the 35 shots that came his way.

The boys will be back on the ice on Dec. 7 away at Berkley. The next day, they’ll take on Rochester Hills at home.

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