A call to get out and vote Republican for November 3 election

Dear Fellow Addison Township
and Oxford Township citizens,

Please Vote Now or on November 3rd! You can Vote In-Person at the Clerk’s office using an absentee ballot that you can obtain immediately.
Please vote for and elect Joe Kent Oakland County Treasurer. Joe is our neighbor, lives in the community and does many volunteering roles. Joe has Extensive experience as a Tax accountant helping people. He wants to help the people of Oakland County keep their money and assure the money they send to the county is used for the benefit of the entire county’s population.
Please vote for and elect Mike Kowell Oakland County Executive. Mike will bring our county back to fiscal responsibility after the pandemic and mismanagement at hand. He is dedicated to keep our AAA bond rating and the excellent services our county provides. He wants to restore and build on opportunities for Jobs in emerging technologies.
Please vote for and elect Tina Barton Oakland County Clerk. Tina has done a phenomenal job for 7 & ½ years as the Clerk of the City of Rochester Hills. She is President of the Oakland County Clerks Association and a member of the IIMC, MAMC, Women Officials’ Network, and Women of Tomorrow. She would assure our County’s Elections, Records and Documentations are without errors with complete transparency!
Please vote for and elect Lin Goetz Oakland County Prosecutor. Lin has 28 years’ experience both as an Assistant Prosecutor in Oakland County, and as a Criminal Defense Attorney helping people. She wants to help the people of Oakland County continue be protected and safe with peace of mind. Lin will work closely with both Law Enforcement, and Victims, so that they have an open and unimpeded line of communication with the Prosecutor’s Office. She will implement a review committee to ensure Truth, Justice and Transparency.
Please vote for and Re-elect Michael Spisz to the Oakland County Board of Commissioners. Michael has represented our local community by assuring that our county is led with thoughtful and researched insight in decisions that affect us. He will continue to build coalition with that by guiding the Commission on important issues that have arisen and in the future.
Ron Renaud ,
Addison Township

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