A letter to Oxford

Dear Oxford Families,

As the holidays approach and we look forward to spending time with family and friends, we also feel great sadness as we reflect on the painful anniversary that forever changed the Oxford community and beyond.

Michael J. Bouchard,Oakland County Sheriff

It’s been nearly a year, yet in many ways it seems like just yesterday. On November 30, 2021, four precious souls with unlimited potential were taken from us. We remember them and miss them dearly – Hana, Tate, Madisyn, and Justin. Their loss is profound and is felt by many. We have not forgotten, and we will never forget. Processing this is difficult, and we often feel fragile.

Threatened acts of violence against our schools and students continue to plague our communities. The mere act of making a threat is a crime. If they think it’s funny – it is not. Threats cause flashbacks, anxiety, and great fear. They are emotionally draining for us all. Let me be clear: I will seek to hold accountable anyone who threatens the community. The subject responsible for the terror one year ago continues to appear in the news as the criminal case is adjudicated.

Unfortunately, this and other things act as a constant reminder of that terrible day. Even fleeting mentions of similar events aggravate wounds that may never fully heal.

Please know that the full resources of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office are here for you. We are working 24/7 on your safety and security. But we know many, including our staff, continue to struggle. The path forward is with each other. It takes great strength to ask for or seek help. I am proud of our community and how so many of you have stepped up to help others.

There are trained counselors who stand ready to assist anyone in need, at any time. They are a phone call away (Helpline 248-653-5525). The All for Oxford Resiliency Center located at 1370 S. Lapeer Road, Oxford (248-653-5511) and is committed to the long-term healing mission for our community. Please stop in and check out the resources that they have available. You just may see one of our Comfort Canines there as they often frequent the All for Oxford Resiliency Center. If you are interested in having one of our School Resource Officers, a Substation Commander or anyone on our team speak to you individually or to a group, please don’t hesitate to call my office directly at 248-858-5001.

Bottom line – I want you to know that I and the entire Oakland County Sheriff’s Office are here for you in this difficult time. Now and forever, we are bound to each other. “Oxford Strong” is the more than a slogan. It is our ethos. May God bless, comfort, and strengthen you.

Sincerely, Michael J. Bouchard,

Oakland County Sheriff

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