A lot of nothing going on . . .

I guess you can imagine how warm and fuzzy I felt after reading this headline:
FBI admits to wiretapping wrong numbers
Patriot Act critics irked by mistakes made during terrorism investigations
Yep, I felt confident that something is not as it should be. Them thar heart cockles were sure heated up after I read that on-line AP story. I know I am not a big conspiracy aficionado, but gosh, it makes one think that Congress should rethink parts of the Patriot Act due to expire in December.
According to the story, the Patriot Act allows the ‘FBI to get permission from a secret federal court to listen in on any phone line or monitor any Internet account that a terrorism suspect may be using, whether or not others who are not suspects also regularly use it.?
Of course this tingling fear of a looming Big Brother society was only heightened after receiving a reader tip to take a gander at a web site set up to show where the world is going. In a couple of words read: Police State. In a few more words: Loss of Freedom.
If you really want to be bummed out, check out www.infowars.com, it is really rather depressing.
* * *
Just over three years ago, I was hoping the Detroit Tigers Baseball organization would not hire Alan Trammell as their next manager. Not that I thought he couldn’t do the job, but I thought nobody could. I just didn’t want Tiger great Tram to fail. I wanted him to come and coach the Tigers only after getting experience as the skipper for another team. I wanted Trammell to come to a Tiger’s squad that wasn’t so depleted and not ready for prime time.
I guess you don’t always get what you want.
Today, the Tigers fired Alan. Dang blab it!
* * *
Thank goodness a coin always has two sides. Where there is lots to lose sleep over, there are also good things in life. And, since I don’t want all you 27 regular readers to cry in your beer . . .
I was relieved to have only listened to the Detroit Lions football club lose to Tampa Bay, 17-14. As I was driving my family to niece Grace Piper’s one-year birthday party, we listened. The Lions lost. Since I was on the road and the safety of my family was my number one priority, I couldn’t pound the steering wheel, cuss and rant and rave at the radio (too much). It would not have been safe driving.
It was a good thing I had a family to be with me during yet another oh-so-typical Detroit Lions implosion. I love my family.
* * *
For an anniversary gift, Dear Wife Jen got me a watch. A simple watch, with just numbers on the face. I forgot how nice it is just to look at a watch for time. My last watch had numbers, dials, lines, date and day (in English and French). And, it took many frustrating minutes to reset the dang thing whenever we were saving daylight.
Simple is good.
* * *
It is refreshing to find a mechanic who you can trust. In many years of car ownership, I have gone from not trusting myself to repair my own vehicle to getting whizzed off at the perceived loss of control when turning over said vehicle to mechanics.
There are many electric gizmos and computers for the backyard grease monkeys like myself to understand, let alone fix.
I have found a person I believe I can trust. He doesn’t know I am writing this, but whenever I call and visit (which isn’t often) I don’t feel angry when paying.
Goodrich Car Care in Goodrich has been good to me. If you wanna give him a try go for it. When I call (810-636-7900) I always ask for the owner this way, ‘Hello, is Good Rich there.?
Any reader out there who have had good experiences with their mechanics (because there are good ones out there), please let me know. I’ll post them on the blog site for other readers.
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