A year ago I met Josh

Dear Editor,
A year ago I met a young guy, Oxford resident Josh Schriver, 30ish, tall in stature with a quick smile and wit, who is amazingly well-versed on issues of the day. Since that time we have had discussions about freedom, legislative bills, children and autism, standing up for what is right, hard work and working out, and the delight of owning dogs.
As I happily pondered his words, this young man Josh understands and is passionate about the link between rights and responsibilities; morality and Fourth of July freedom, truth and ethics in decision-making and its effect on the community; prudent spending and budgeting; how one legislative bill relates to differing issues; and the nexus of faith belief and standing firm on principle. Josh is a good character mix between humility and principle, whether it be pro-life, pro-election integrity, pro-education, pro-vaccine choice, or pro-law and order.
Many times I have heard this man Josh speak in public. Even off the cuff, his thoughts are organized and explained in different ways if we don’t get a concept the first time. What a great communicator in defense of liberty ideals in our great nation. You can tell he likes people; he is “kind” of person.
This Josh Schriver is the kind of person we need as a State Representative in our 46th District. And he is running—in this critical race to uphold American values. Look out for him, Oakland, Oxford, Addison, Brandon, and Orion. By the way, when Josh Schriver serves finger food it comes with food for thought.
Evelyn Archer, Oxford

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