Addison sends out simplified waste hauler survey

The Addison Township Board wants to know if residents want a single waste hauler. So they are mailing out a simple Yes/No survey to every residence in the township this week.
The survey asks: “Should the Township work to provide a single waste hauler trash service?”
Currently, the township has an open market where individual customers choose their own waste hauler. In a single waste hauler system, waste hauling services would be coordinated by the township through a competitive bidding process.
A single waste hauler system would eliminate consumers’ ability to choose their own waste hauler, but it could result in lower overall costs, offer recycling and more consistent service. And having just one company instead of several would reduce road wear, noise pollution, air emissions and fuel consumption.
Residents have the option to return their survey to the township by mail, dropbox, or online using a survey code included in the letter. One survey per household, and the township asks folks to respond by Feb. 28.
An earlier survey that went out late last year had more questions to gather information and help quantify the data, but the board voted to narrow it down to a single question.
“All I want to know is do [the residents] want us to spend more time on this, or not?” said Supervisor Bruce Pearson during the last board meeting.

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