Addison Twp. approves specs for RFP and bid process

After looking over the scope of the RFP (Request for Proposal) as it relates to refurbishing the current township hall or building a new one, Addison Township Board approved the specs as well as authorized the clerk to advertise for bids from architectural firms on a 6-0 vote at the April 21 regular board meeting.
The RFP is a two step process. Step one has the township looking for written proposals from architects and/or architectural firms that address three issues at the time of interviews, which will be scheduled at a regular and or special meeting on June 16 and/or June 18.
The first issue is to provide a conceptual/schematic design for the new construction of a Township Hall, located at the current address 1440 Rochester Road.
‘Interviews with architects or architectural firms to provide, at the time of the interview, a conceptual/schematic design for the construction of a new township hall, located on the property at 1440 Rochester Road.
‘Any proposal should include, with the conceptual design, a proposed location for a minimum square foot building of 10,200 square feet on the existing property with an estimated construction cost. Building construction may be two (2) floors with a total of 10,200 usable square feet. The design is for six (6) departmental offices. This includes a sheriff substation (Six lockers, unisex shower/bathroom), a conference room, a senior center, a large meeting room (minimum 2600 square feet), a documents storage area, an election equipment storage area, a computer/network room and an audio/visual infrastructure for township public meetings. The conceptual design must take into account location of a new septic system and water well in relation to the placement of the new building. The conceptual design must take into account the rural and historical character of the existing Township Hall.?
Supervisor Bruce Pearson said the reason why they’re using 10,200 square feet is because that is the square-footage of the current township hall.
‘If we do build new we don’t need anything bigger than what we currently have,? he noted.
The second issue architects will have to provide a conceptual design/schematic design for redeveloping the existing Township Hall to code to include ‘a pitched roof, electrical update, computer infrastructure upgrade, verify possible mold, asbestos, or other potential health hazards, and other code/building items found through an inspection of the existing township hall structure, with an estimate of cost for the services.?
The third issue: the township is looking for ‘a supported professional opinion as to whether the township should redevelop the existing township hall or construct a new township hall.?
The second step of the RFP will be for ‘the township to select an architect to work with the township to implement the selected construction approach.?
For those who requested the township hall be put to a ‘vote of the people,? Pearson said he talked to township attorney Bob Davis and was told they couldn’t put it to an advisory vote even if they wanted to because it would be illegal.
‘The law states the board has to make that decision. You can’t put out advisory ballots. You can’t spend money first of all on an advisory ballot but it is illegal to supersede the power of the township board. The legislature has given certain responsibilities to a township board and this is one of them,? Pearson explained.
‘If we were asking for a millage or a bond issue than that would be put to a vote of the people, but since we’re not asking for that, this is a business decision that Mr. Davis says the legislature has given the power to the township board to decide.?
As for the RFP, Pearson said ‘it’s a starting point.?
‘We have to do something, we know that. And the only way to finally get a good decision is to get all the facts,? he added. ‘Once we get all the facts then reasonable people will sit down and make a reasonable decision.?

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