After 30 years, they’re still picking winners

The Oxford Beautification Commission announced this year’s annual Beautification Award winners. For nearly 30 years, the awards have recognized village homeowners and businesses for enhancing their property’s – and thereby the village’s – overall esthetic appeal.
A nominating committee looks at every property in the village and submits their selections to the Beautification Committee, who make the final judgements. Current Beautification Commission Members are Kathy Hummel, Lynn Royster, Delores Ludwig, Jan Burr and Kathy Etherton.
Awards are divided into three categories: homes under 40 years old, homes over 40 years old and businesses. Due to COVID-19, the formal awards meeting has been cancelled. The community can still appreciate their fine handiwork, however.

Here are the winners, in no particular order:
Homes Under 40 Years Old
Don and Jean Precour, 566 Bay Pointe Dr.

Justine and Lori Ballard, 61 Pontiac Dr.
Kyle and Mara Etchen, 275 Oxford Lakes Dr.
Homes Over 40 Years Old
Jacob and Holly Nicosia, 60 Pontiac St.
Dale and Teresa Frank, 27 W. Burdick St.
Nathan and Courtney Grove, 36 Dennison St.
Lisa Ann Acton, 27 Dennison St.
Michelle’s Home Décor, 54 Mill St. (owner Michelle Fedricks)
Gossick General Dentistry, 37 N. Washington St. (owners Greg and Karen Gossick)

The Beautification Commission conceives, formulates and develops plans for the beautification of Oxford. Appointed by the Oxford Village Council, they serve three-year terms. — Photos by J. Hanlon.

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