America owes no apology

I know this may come as a shock to some of you out there, but as hard as it may seem, I am pretty Caucasian. If I weren’t so old, I’d call myself ‘lily white.? Let me put it to you another way: Me, paleface.
Now that my little secret is out in the open and there is no confusion as to the amount of melon pigmentation in my skin, I need to say this:
I am more than a tad bit miffed at all the folks who’ve interjected race into the NATURAL disaster commonly known as Hurricane Katrina. I am also annoyed at those spineless jellyfish who whine in front of television cameras, ‘America should be ashamed,? or ‘America owes the good folk of New Orleans an apology.?
America owes no such apology. America can be proud of its spirit and generosity. America is not its government. America is her people.
Americans have stepped up to the proverbial plate, despite paying unjustified high taxes, the rising cost of living and trying to survive on less. They (we) have ponied up to help families of soldiers fighting abroad. Americans have pitched in to help survivors of last year’s Tsunami, which took place on the other side of the globe. And in a few short weeks, Americans have opened their hearts and wallets to the folks of the Big Easy and surrounding communities. Americans have donated not only millions of dollars, but countless amounts of water, merchandise and volunteer ‘manpower? time. (Not to mention the $52 billion in taxpayer money the federalies have promised to spend.)
According to Financial Times? on-line edition of Sept. 7, 2005, in one week Americans donated $500 million for hurricane relief. In the first 10 days following Sept. 11, 2001, Americans donated $239 million; and in the nine days following last December’s tsunami, Americans donated $163 million. FT.Com reported in the same article that totals to date for 9-11 and tsunami relief equals $2.2 billion and $1.3 billion respectively.
Americans should be ashamed? Ashamed of what? I’ll tell you what we should be ashamed of — that we put up with and give credence to apologists, whose only motive is self-flagellation.
I find it pretty darn frustrating when folks proclaim every problem in America is rooted in race. Last I saw on television, there were lots of people of all tints helping lots of other people of all tints. I don’t believe Katrina was radio-controlled by President George Bush to miss more white Florida in order to hit the poor folks, excuse me, black folks of New Orleans.
To say the President is to blame for this disaster is purely political posturing. Further more, it is easy and does nothing to lighten burdens or ease tempers. Americans need to understand there’s enough blame to go around — from the black mayor of New Orleans to the white woman Democrat governor of Louisiana to the White House and the not-so hallowed halls of Congress. Democrats and Republicans alike in Congress really need to look at themselves in the mirror. They are the ones who, every year, vote on billions in pork spending, versus spending on projects that would truly help Americans.
Media whores who have interjected themselves into the fray down south are also not helping. What kind of resources are being wasted to help filthy-rich folks like Oprah, that could well be used to help people?
* * *
And, while I am at it — even though I have been called a baboon, I have a message for them at PETA — the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
Please forgive the po’folk down south, who, in order to survive and not perish, have eaten their pet dogs, cats and guinea pigs. Desperate times call for desperate measures. PETA PEOPLE, please do not damn these poor (because of George Bush) folk to vegan hell.
Sincerely, Don Rush
* * *
And, just so the rest of you know what PETA is doing to help in Katrina’s wake — they are taking their message to Washington, DC.
On their website, they are ‘urging? President Bush to ensure that Animals are included in future disaster response plans.
And they wonder why most folks think PETA PEOPLE are whacky.
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