Budget info irks resident

When Rick Gutowski of Independence Township asked for a copy of the proposed 2011 budget at township hall, he was handed a 48-page document without public works or police budgets. ‘In my opinion, expecting citizens to analyze this data is asking a lot,? he said to the township board at the Nov. 16 meeting. ‘If […]

Local actress hits the big screen

After being in the business world and having her company close down after 13 years, Stacy Blaine was looking for a balance between stay-at-home mom and work. She decided to tap into her creative side and try being an extra in a movie. ‘I got into it through my cousin on my mom’s side,? she […]

Rock classics to fill club for the kids

The sounds and energy of live classic rock returns to Independence Township, Dec. 5, for a good cause. Oakland County Sportsmen’s Club hosts its 11th annual Toys for Tots Rock n? Roll Toy Drive, 1-9 p.m., Sunday. ‘We’re just going to go in there and do our thing again. It’s something we look forward to […]

City closer to allowing 90 N. Main businesses

It’s been two years since Bob Roth and Ed Adler of Leh-Ray Holdings, LLC stood before the Clarkston City Council ‘to determine the future development of the township hall property on 90 North Main.? Now, things are slowly moving forward. ‘We went to the city council first and then they sent us to the planning […]

Keiser’s Role A column by Trevor Keiser

Many of you probably remember the song ‘To every season turn, turn turn…? sung by both the Byrds and the Beatles. Some of you may even know this song is actually taken from the Bible. Ecclesiastes 3, ‘There is a time for everything and every season under heaven.? I have noticed the weather starting to […]

Oakland County treasurers fight foreclosures

With 273 homes currently in foreclosure in Independence Township, Independence Township Treasurer is teaming up with treasurers across Oakland County to help fight mortgage foreclosures through the Oakland County Foreclosure Prevention Initiative (OCFPI). ‘What we’re trying to do is help people keep their homes,? said Independence Township Treasurer Curt Carson. ‘There are a lot of […]

CVP production hits a home run

Clarkston Village Players? rendition of ‘Rounding Third? brings together two Little League coaches whose philosophies clash both in the game of baseball to how they raise their children and live their lives off the field. For little league head coach, Don, played by Mark Colley, ‘winning is everything and losing stinks.? Don’s son is also […]

Long-time parks director will be missed

Friends, family, and co-workers held a surprise retirement party for former Parks and Recreation Director Mike Turk at Fountains Golf and Banquet Center Saturday night. ‘The party was great,? Turk said. ‘It was great to see all the employees there, my friends and my family.? He said the event was put on by his ‘wonderful […]

Last call for care package donations

American Legion Post 63 members, Clarkston students, and volunteers packed and shipped 200 care packages for troops overseas, Dec. 2. But they have a list of 300 names, postage paid. “That means 100 of our names that we had would not be receiving anything,” said Peg Roth, American Legion Auxiliary member. “We decided to make […]

Exception closer on 90 N. Main

Officials are working out a compromise for the former school and township office building at 90 N. Main Street. ‘The course I recommend is the creation of a Historic Limited Use Overlay District,? said City Planner Dick Carlisle in a letter to city officials. ‘Overlay districts are a common tool used when there are unique […]