Axe-throwing bar opens in Legacy Center

Axe Social manager Samantha Mills .

By James Hanlon
Leader Staff Writer
Tossing darts in a dive bar will feel like a dainty activity once you’ve thrown an axe instead. To round out the many entertainment venues at 925 N. Lapeer Rd., Axe Social opened for business last month. The trending sport is a great way to blow off steam in the company of friends, coworkers, or even your next date.
Enjoy a cocktail or craft beer upon arrival. Adjacent to 925 Social in the north end of Legacy 925, the spacious hangout is furnished with a decorative waterfall and couches for watching other throwers. The cages are built from recycled metal.
Folks 18 and older can play at five stalls. Each stall has two targets. Up to six players can play per stall, rotating in pairs. An “axepert” coach will give the rundown on safety, throwing techniques and rules of the game.
It’s harder than it looks. These are real, full-weight axes. To take the stance, step your opposite foot forward, square your chest and hips to the target. Griping the handle with both hands, draw the axe back over your head until the butt is resting in between your shoulder blades. Then, keeping your eyes on the target as you shift your weight to the front foot while allowing your arms to release the axe over your head in one continuous motion.
It might take a few tries to get the rotation right so the blade hits the target. “Once you stick it, it’s addicting after that,” said manger Samantha Mills. Each throwing session is about an hour. Then you can hang out after for another drink or bite to eat.
Samantha and her husband Christian Mills, who owns Axe Social and Legacy 925, fell in love with the game after trying it a few years ago. The new business fits the vision of Legacy 925 as a family entertainment center where people can come to connect and celebrate, hang out and be social.
The reimagined 208,000-square-foot former Sea Ray boat plant now houses over 20 businesses including Urban Air adventure park, Splash Zone and go-karting.
“We had the perfect space to do it,” Samantha said.
If you’re not ready to throw an axe, you can bowl or try your hand at air-curling too. Axe Social is open Thursday-Sunday. Reservations are highly recommended, since walk-ins cannot be guaranteed.
Players can also join a Thursday-night league. More info at

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