Bed and Breakfast Moves In on Baldwin Rd.

The Lomis Suite features the largest beds offered to guests, while the upstairs Pony Express Suite’s smaller beds are offset by the inclusion of a jacuzzi bathtub.

By Dean Vaglia
Leader Staff Writer
For those looking to get away without going too far from home, your destination has arrived.
Stag’s Leap Farm Bed and Breakfast, located at 2093 N. Baldwin Road offers guests a slice of country hospitality in the northern corner of Oxford Township.
Situated on 2.5 acres of rolling green hills, Stag’s Leap offers guests the choice of three rooms within a historic 1890s home.
Brett and Steven Rogers acquired the house in 2019 with the intention of turning it into a bed and breakfast.
“It’s been kind of a dream of mine – and I think I’ve convinced Steven it’s a dream of his as well – to operate a bed and breakfast,” Brett said. “I’ve always been interred in and enjoy entertaining, and Steven does as well, so hopefully this is a natural progression to something bigger.”
Since the couple have a limited amount of official hospitality experience – Brett has experience in event planning while Steven has picked up skills through living and working on a farm – the smaller setting of a bed and breakfast allows them to further their experience within a reasonably sized space.
Prior experience came in handy as the house required extensive renovations before opening as a bed and breakfast.
“There are only two rooms in the house that we have not made major changes to,” Steven said.

Brett (left) and Steven run Stag’s Leap Farm. Oxford was chosen as the place to open up due to its proximity to their family and the limited options for hotels in the area. Photo by D. Vaglia

The Lomis Suite – named after the home’s leader – is a good example of the extensive renovations. The room’s shower was built by taking a closet out and installing the shower infrastructure around the space, while an old tin ceiling panel forms the back of the cabinet where guests can find a microwave and complimentary refreshments.
Making guests feel at home is a common theme throughout the Stag’s Leap experience. About half of the house is open to them, and guests are encouraged to read a book in the foyer or relax and take in the rolling acreage from the back porch or gazebo.
While originally planning on opening up in 2020, COVID-19 pushed things into 2021. But the pandemic gave Brett and Steven time to further renovate the house and discover more of the amenities they could offer. The backyard proved well-suited for weddings and can be used for such events – Steven is registered as an officiant – as well as corporate gatherings and other large outdoor occasions. But there was one amenity neither of them realized would be a hit – chicken watching.
“The house came with a set of hens, so we had the coop and chickens, everything was already set,” Brett said. “In the evening we would grab a cocktail and go sit outside after we worked our tails off. I’d let the hens free range for an hour before sunset and we’d sit out and watch them forage.”
The roaming chickens were a hit with friends whenever they came over, and so the idea for Chicken Cocktail Hour was born. When not providing the evening entertainment, the chickens provide guests with eggs for the two-course breakfasts.
For more information about booking a stay or hosting an event at Stag’s Leap, call (248) 639-9134 or visit

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