Biden vs. Trump

Will you be voting for misery or prosperity on Election day?
Biden says he will raise taxes. Trump wants to pass another tax cut.
Biden will implement much more regulation on oil/gas industry resulting in much higher prices. Trump will continue to support oil/gas industry by fostering an environment of investment and exploration.
Biden will continue with his 47 year record of selling out American jobs to the highest bidder. Trump will continue his America First agenda.
Biden will bow to the radical left Democrats forcing countless crippling new regulations on all aspects of life including the absurd “Green New Deal” which is just a fancy name for giving Democrats trillions of dollars and complete control everything you do.
Trump believes in fostering an environment for robust investment and individual prosperity.
Biden will allow countless millions more of unaccounted illegal immigrants to pour through the southern border. Trump will secure and defend the southern border.
Biden supports the radical left’s attack on police officers. Trump has the support of nearly all police unions around the country.
Biden thinks you are a racist; Trump thinks a prosperous country helps to unite the country.
Biden supports the Democrats efforts to silence anyone who doesn’t push their radical agenda; through force (Antifa, BLM), College/University manipulation, unchecked social media censorship, forced reeducation and coercion of public and private sector workers, unchecked lying in the media.
Trump believes social media should have its immunity from lawsuits revoked and universities that censor students should not receive taxpayer funding.
Biden is going to support the radical left’s effort to end the filibuster (allowing for one party rule of the Senate) and packing (raising the number above nine) the Supreme Court with progressive judges so the unconstitutional laws they cram through the Senate will pass uncontested. Trump believes in traditional appointment of Supreme Court vacancies by nominating judges who promise to protect the Constitution.
Biden — Obamacare on steroids (single payer) wants to raise taxes, steal money from Medicare, and force everyone into a long and expensive Medicaid line. Trump wants to lower drug costs, have medical cost transparency, reduce qred tape, open up cross border insurance competition, allow tailored insurance plans.
Biden picked a radical leftist who called him a racist to be his successor (Joe is 78). On Oct. 9, Nancy Pelosi proposed legislation to streamline the process for removal of POTUS by basterdizing the 25th Amendment (look it up). Trump has Mike Pence as his wing man.
Biden supports adding Puerto Rico and DC as States in another cheating effort to add four more Democrat Senators. Trump has zero intention of adding another state.
This election isn’t about whether or not your personality is compatible with a particular candidate or not, that would be narcissistic. This election is about your job and your children and grandchildren’s future.
90% of the media in this country has the same political leaning. If you hate politics and mostly tune it out, then I can assure you they have you right where they want you. When they own the information they can bend it all they want. They are manipulating and lying to you.
Joe Wayda
Brandon Township

3 Responses to "Biden vs. Trump"

  1. Alex   October 16, 2020 at 8:45 am

    This is an absolute travesty of an article. No factual basis, no counterpart, no balance. This is a Fox News knock off propaganda piece. Shame on the author and the publication for giving falsehoods and lies a platform.

  2. Teresa Falzarano   October 16, 2020 at 9:51 am

    Well said, Joe. People need to know what the issues really are instead of voting with their emotions.

  3. Nimaway Smith   October 16, 2020 at 8:54 pm

    Condemnation of an article (publisher and author) is EXACTLY why you support socialism, Alex. You want Freedom fighters silenced so the left can take over. You do understand if the democratic party were to take control of us, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, certainly wouldn’t have a rebuttal. That’s ok. We will continue to fight for you and your family. Clearly you have limited insights and cannot be faulted for that.


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