Burlap and Beads are her dreams

Her dream is simple enough: ‘I want to be an artist and save the world.?
Pam Belding, Brandon Township resident (via California, Brazil and Mexico) is a spitfire redhead with a zest for life and lots of energy. She’s taken her talent and her high energy and started a home-based business, Burlap and Beads.
Folks probably have run into Belding and her art at the Ortonville Farmers Market and the Goodtimes in Goodrich Festival.
‘People come up and like what they see and kids like to touch — this art is meant to be touched,? she said.
Creating her art is enjoyable and watching folks smile at what she does even more so. ‘It keeps me happy and happiness is the best gift I can share with with everybody.?
Evident in much of her work is a touch of southwestern influence. Not surprising if you follow her path to Brandon Township. She grew up in California, where in the fourth grade, she made her first burlap and bead artwork. After marriage to Blake, the couple lived in Mexico and Brazil.
While out of the country, she started to hone her art, using south-of-the-border burlap. ‘Burlap is a great canvas to work with,? she said.
Belding also is a recycler — finding uses for old belts and other items she finds. ‘I guess you can call me a dumpster diver. I highly recommend recycling. I find lots of frames in the garbage.?
Beads are sculpted and baked for each project — specific in size, color, shape and texture. With beads, burlap and other artifacts, she also likes to weave in messages — sometimes in English, other times with petroglyphs. (Petroglyphs are the carvings and inspriptions in the southwest from people a thousand years ago.) The petroglyph symbols range from mutual respect, peace all the way to community spirit.
Individual pieces can take from 20 minutes to three weeks to complete.
When not working on her art, she enjoys spending time with husband Blake and five-year-old son Garrett.
Belding will attend the Brandon High School arts and craft show on Nov 12, from 10-4. She’s also plans offering a course. For more information call 248-232-2929.

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