Businesses pass taxes onto consumers

I believe there is one fact regarding the non-homestead millage proposal that is yet to be communicated to voters.

This is not a tax on business but rather a tax on you the consumer.

By its very nature business must pass on its costs in order to remain in business, all of its costs, taxes included.

So when you shop for gas, groceries, clothing, electronics, cars, boat, home repairs, home improvements, rent a storage unit, anything and everything you purchase from a business has this tax included in the price that you pay.

Do not be misled that this is a tax on business. Business merely collects this tax on behalf of the schools from you the consumer and forwards it to the government, just like the sales tax.

Mark Smith

Addison Township


One response to “Businesses pass taxes onto consumers”

  1. So by this logic we should expect restaurants to lower the cost of their meals by lets just use .10 as a number, we can expect the Leader to lower their subscription rate by .10, we can expect the salons to lower the cost of a hair cut by .10, the movie theater to lower the price of a ticket by .10. I tell you what, watch how fast the business you are defending move out of town when their customers move on because the school district is making cuts. I have talked to numerous business owners and most of them, not all support the renewal. The first reason, it is a very small amount and is a cost of doing business. The second reason is most of them understand a strong school district brings families. Those families are the life blood of the business in town.

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