Camo Out supports ‘Hoops for the Troops?

We are a fickle lot, we humans of American descent.
I think we forget sometimes how hard the world can be. We live in an area that is fare to middlin? to high rent and bad things can’t happen here, to us, the privileged. Can it?
Of course bad things happen every day, all around us. I know, we report on them, and then I hear how this world has gone all wrong. Fickle, I say. Fickle.
It’s just life and one of life’s most wonderful gifts comes out of the hard times, life’s cruel twists of fate. And, if you haven’t guessed by now I like sharing those precious moments when after learning we can nod our heads and say, ‘It’ll be all right.?
‘Hoops for the Troops? is one such bright spot in our little part of the spinning rock we call Earth. It’s organized by 2006 Clarkston High School graduate Megan Goldberg.
During half time ceremonies at the February 13 CHS girls basketball game, Goldberg plans to present a gift on behave of the first person who friended her when her family moved to Clarkston in 2000, Jenna Beno.
United States Army Specialist Beno, also a 2006 CHS grad, died in 2012 from injuries she sustained while serving our country in Iraq. I can find no good in her death unless it is to inspire others to give more of themselves.
‘I wanted to do something to remember Jenna,? Megan said. ‘Something different, that can show our community cares and to support our troops.?
She is hoping for a show of support by having a ‘Camo-out.? A what? A camo-out, for those not in the know, is when everybody wear’s something camouflage — shirts, hats, leggins, whatever. If you have something camo, bring it!
She has found blue and gold camouflage warm up suits for the girls to wear before the game.
Throughout the gymnasium, there will be donation cans; also folks will be able to purchase Hoops for the Troops t-shirts. All funds raised will go to the charity Luke’s Wings. I did a quick reference check on Luke’s Wings and here’s their mission statement, from their website ( Our mission is to bring together veterans and wounded warriors that otherwise would not be able to be with their friends and family in their time of need.
According to Megan, Luke’s Wings was one of Jenna’s three favorite charities. ‘They flew her mom to visit her when she was in the hospital (Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Washington, D.C.),? Megan said.
Megan would like to do this again in the future and then rotate in the other two charities to receive donations.
One of the neat things about this story is Megan has never planned something like this. She has no goals and doesn’t know what to expect, or how much will be raised.
‘The girls basketball doesn’t draw too big of a crowd like the boys team,? she said.
And, that’s where I, your humble scribe comes into play. Let’s change that. If you have no plans for Feb. 13, come to the Clarkston High School gym . . . even if you’re not from Clarkston. Come even if you’re from Lake Orion or Oxford or Ortonville and you hate the blue and gold Wolves. Wear your camo — you’ll slip in under the radar and be there supporting the troops.
There are business sponsorships available where you’ll be recognized. If you can’t make it to the game and still want to donate or help (now or in the future), contact Megan via e-mail,

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