Changes to central admin. approved by school board

Changes to the central administration staff with regard to its structure, titles and salaries were approved last week by the Oxford Board of Education.
According to Superintendent Dr. Willian Skilling, the central office has been broken down into two categories, operations and academics, as a part of a restructuring plan the district will be laying out in May.
Commencing in July, current Assistant Superintendent of Business and Finance Pamela Anstey will be the new ‘Chief Operations Officer.? Her salary will remain at the current $130,000 per year.
Anstey will oversee finance, business, maintenance, transportation, food service, child care and human resources.
‘Operations exist only to support academics,? explained Skilling.
The ‘Chief Academics Officer? will be Dr. Jim Schwarz, who currently serves as Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction. His salary will increase from $126,012 to $140,000 and his duties and responsibilities will be expanded.
As a part of the restructuring, a lot more focus will be placed on ‘at-risk students.? Skilling said.
‘In terms of data, the groups that tend to perform well have gone up really well. Where we have lagged as district is the under-achieving students, the at-risk students,? Skilling said. ‘Even though we’ve put in some programs, we haven’t done enough. That’s where the significant change is going to be.?
Nancy Latowski’s title was changed from deputy superintendent to assistant superintendent of human resources. Her annual salary will remain at the current rate of $123,426.
Denise Sweat’s title was changed from associate superintendent to assistant superintendent for student services. She will keep her current annual salary of $122,486.
Andrew Hulbert, executive director of the Oxford Virtual Academy, will keep his title and current annual salary of $105,000.

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