Churches bring revival to downtown Oxford

 By Don Rush

Area churches from Oxford, Orion and Clarkston will host a four-night revival in Oxford Village’s Centennial Park from Aug. 24 througth Aug. 27.

Peter Warren will be the keynote speaker each night. Photo courtesy of Lakepoint Community Church.

According to Lakepoint Community Church’s Rina Berryer, the idea of presenting the Oxford Revival has been in the plan for a number of years. “Then with COVID and the school shooting, we just knew that something had to be done. People are looking for hope,” she said. “Now is the time.”\

The Oxford Revival will be from 5 to 10 p.m. each night and will feature programs for all age groups. There will be live music, speakers, drama skits, prayer and workshops. Speakers and musicians are from all over the country as well as local. The keynote speaker each night will be Peter Warren, author of “When the Shooting Stopped.” He wrote the book after his youth ministry center in Denver was attacked and two for his staff murdered. Warren’s book delves into questions like, “Was this God’s will?” and “Does he still love me?”

Speakers and musicians will use the gazebo for their presentations. Berryer said there will be a tent in the park for prayer.

The following churches have worked to bring the revival to Oxford: Lakepoint Community Church, Echo Christian Fellowship, Oxford Free Methodist, Firmly Rooted, Oxford United Methodist, Living Army, Oakwood Community Church, Calvary Lutheran Church of Clarkston, Desert River Church.



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