Clarkston post office helps ease the stress of income tax day for local residents

The Clarkston post office was one of a few locations in Oakland County open and fully staffed to help residents file income tax returns on April 15.
Both the lobby and service area were open to customers until 12 a.m., according to Jane Haugen, Clarkston Postmaster.
The move was a first for the Clarkston branch, which hadn’t had both the lobby and service window open for a few years.
‘We had no idea what to expect,? Haugen said. ‘We had one lady from Southfield show up without her forms even filled out.?
From 5 p.m. until 12 a.m., the Clarkston branch processed approximately 2,300 letters and 460 flats from the lobby and collection boxes, according to Haugen. Some 316 customers were assisted inside the lobby.
Haugen volunteered the Clarkston location to remain open all night as a way to assist residents and build good community relations.
Not knowing how many people might show up and promotion from local radio stations, Haugen was originally concerned that the office would be swamped. However, the flow of people was deemed ‘steady? all night long.
‘We’ll do it again next year,? Haugen said. ‘It’s a service I wanted to offer to Clarkston.?
Pontiac, Royal Oak and Southfield were just a few of the small number of branches open with both lobby and window service.
While the staff was there to make the day easier for customers, the employees were also able to have a little bit of fun as well.
Vince Farougi of Clarkston was crowned the ?2003 Procrastinator of the Year in Clarkston?. Farougi was the last customer assisted before the branch closed at 12 a.m. Employees created a certificate as part of the honor.
‘We had a lot of fun with it,? Haugen said.

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